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Push is a small game in which you have to jump, punch, and push your way to victory. When the game starts, you will find yourself on a small platform with three other players. Push them into the water before they push you off!

Objective of the game

Push is a really simple game. The objective of the game is to push the other players into the ocean as often as you can, but be aware, they will also try to push you off!

Control scheme

This game can either be played solo, or with a friend. Please use the keyboard to play the game. Perhaps you can get the controller working, but the game has not been designed with a controller in mind.

Player One (green pawn)

  • Move using "A" and "S".
  • Jump with "W" (press again to double-jump and / or hold to jump higher).
  • Punch with F.
  • Headbutt by pressing G.

Player Two (orange pawn)

  • Move using "J" and "L".
  • Jump with "I" (press again to double-jump and / or hold to jump higher).
  • Punch with ";".
  • Headbutt by pressing apostrophe.

Third party resources

  • Asset Forge (western level mesh)
  • Bosca Ceoil (annoying background music)

Sound effects from Free Sound:

=== Punch Sounds ===
Source: https://freesound.org/s/98341/
Creator: CGEffex
Name: 98341__cgeffex__punch-slap-n-kick.wav
Licence: CC BY 3.0

=== Pain Sounds ===
Source: https://freesound.org/s/44430/
Creator: TheCheeseMan
Name: 44430__thecheeseman__hurt3.wav
Licence: CC BY 3.0

Source: https://freesound.org/s/416838/
Creator: AlineAudio
Name: 416838__alineaudio__grunt2-death-pain.wav
Licence: CC0 1.0

Source: https://freesound.org/s/416839/
Creator: AlineAudio
Name: 416839__alineaudio__grunt1-death-pain.wav
Licence: CC0 1.0

Source: https://freesound.org/s/330748/
Creator: barker852
Name: 330748__barker852__pain-1.wav
Licence: CC BY 3.0

=== Water Sounds ===
Source: https://freesound.org/s/352102/
Creator: InspectorJ
Name: 352102__inspectorj__splash-jumping-h.wav
Licence: CC BY 3.0

Source: https://freesound.org/s/9508/
Creator: Petenice
Name: 9508__petenice__splash.wav
Licence: CC0 1.0

Source: https://freesound.org/s/269271/
Creator: Blukotek
Name: 269271__blukotek__water-splash.wav
Licence: CC0 1.0

Install instructions

Hello there, thanks a bunch for taking the time to try out my project!

Running the game is fairly simple.

  1. Download the .zip file.
  2. Extract the file to a folder in a location you can easily find again.
  3. Double-click the .exe file to run the game.



PushWin10_64_NEW.zip 15 MB
DocumentationTaharMeijs.pdf 1 MB


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Hello, I am just sending a message to all the people who have submitted a game for this game development challenge.  As a YouTuber and game developer I was asked to judge your entry and I understand how much fun and stressful developing a game can be especially if you are relatively new to it.  I will be going through all these games and will leave feedback on my experience.  I wish you luck in your entry and hope to have lots of fun :)

WinXP compatibility fix please? https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/10/deprecating-directx-9/

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, Tito76, thanks for pointing this out!

I completely forgot to support Windows XP. This game will be updated some time this week, and I will try to add support for Windows XP back in.

Once the new build is live, I will let you know.

Thanks for your patience!

I managed to submit this game right before the deadline. It has no Windows XP support. If there is significant demand for such a version, I will make one later. This project really needed to be submitted before the deadline, hence I did not experiment with Windows XP.