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Welcome to the project page for the racing game "race your friends"! This prototype is the result of four weeks of work!

The purpose of the game is to race against your friends in this local multiplayer game! What what if I do not have any friends, you may ask? Well, just play against the AI instead!

The AI is quite dumb, so playing with friends will be the most fun...


Main menu:

Move cursorEnter partyLeave party
JoystickLeft analog stickAB


Drive ReverseSteerPower-up
KeyboardWSA / DSpace-bar
JoystickABLeft analog stickRight bumper


Since this project is only a prototype, I did not take accessibility into account. I am sorry. The game supports both keyboard as well as joysticks.

Known issues

  • You can cheat the lap system by cutting corners or by revering right after starting.
  • The missile volley power-up does not work at all, avoid it. Just use the booster instead...
  • When you get stuck and the game does not reset your car, you will have to reboot the game. Sorry.
Tags3D, Arcade, Local multiplayer, Unity
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

HTML documentation:

  1. Download the documentation HTML page.
  2. Open the HTML page by double-clicking on it.
  3. Select your favorite browser to read the documentation.

PDF documentation

Please note that the main documentation is the HTML version (first download). If you, for some reason, prefer to download a PDF version, select the second download. I am using gifs in my documentation, so I would highly recommend downloading the HTML version instead!

  1. Download the documentation as a PDF file.
  2. Open the PDF file in your web-browser or by using an external program.

Installing the game:

  1. Download the game zip archive.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Run the executable to play the game


Q: Why is there no audio?
A: I did not have enough time to implement it, sorry!

Q: Why are you using an HTML page for your documentation? I expected a .pdf!
A: The documentation contains gifs. It is not possible to play gifs in .pdf files.

Q: Why does your documentation lack control information?
A: The control scheme is listed above in the project description.

Q: Who made the game assets?
A: Most of the assets are from Kenney.

Q: Will you ever implement <insert feature here>?
A: Probably not. This is just a submission for a competition, sorry.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Please use the form on my website, or send me a message on Twitter.


RaceYourFriends.zip 17 MB
TaharMeijsDocumentationSFAS-RS.html 60 kB
TaharMeijsDocumentationSFAS-RS.pdf 1 MB

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