You only need a mouse to play this game.


Left-mouse button (click rapidly): use the drill to patch cavities

Right-mouse button (and swipe): use the toothbrush to polish the tooth

Be aware, some cavities require more "clicks-per-second" to fix than others...


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Hehe cute. Like the presentation.

Controls weren't immediately obvious.

Mechanics are pretty basic but the concept is twee enough to garner some interest.

Good work :D


Winner of Jamingtons 3.0 for me, because of the replayability, simulatorness & originality!

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took me awhile to understand the have to right click and then while holding the right mouse button you swipe back and forth. After that though the game was fun = )


Haha yeah, should have explained the controls a bit better... That's something I noticed as well.

Thanks a bunch for playing!